Did You Know These 5 Hobbies Can Prevent You from Getting a Partner in Japan?

By | October 11, 2019

Every person has their hobbies and things they like to do, as well as Japanese people who have different and unique hobbies. However, not all hobbies can be accepted by other people several people assume that the hobby is weird and frustrating for them. Therefore, they won’t be friends or be near people who have wired hobbies. In Japan, 5 hobbies can prevent you from getting a partner. Curious about the 5 hobbies? Continue reading this article below.

Sweet lover

It may sound wired being a sweet lover can prevent you from getting a partner. But in Japan it is a real case, there are a lot of men who are single because of this hobby. Several men in Japan have difficulties getting a partner when they decide to spend their time in cafes and loves to eat sweet cakes. 

Japanese is a country that has many kinds of desserts such as pancakes, creeps, creamers, and special tart cake. This country of sunrise has many cafes that provide various unique cakes.

Anime lover

Hello their anime lovers did you know that anime lovers in Japan are seen with one eye? Yep, it is true. In Japan, people who love anime and make anime number 1 in their lives are seen as less attractive to most women in Japan. Not only men but women who love anime are also treated the same. Even though Japan is a country of manga and anime the lifestyle of having a hobby as an anime is still can’t be accepted by several people in Japan.

Fan of boy or girl bands 

Being a fan of an artist in Japan is normal but when you are a fanatic fan then you need to accept the fact that you won’t get a partner. The reason why a fanatic fan is not attractive is that they tend to make wired extreme activities in worshiping their idol. 

Japan is a country that has several boy and girl-bands but according to researchers when men and women are asked whether, they want to have a partner who is a fanatic fan they all answered no. 


I believe no one would like someone who has a hobby of gambling isn’t it? Japanese people hate this hobby among all the wired hobbies found in Japan. The tradition of Japanese people who are economized and have a simple life is an opposition to a lifestyle gambler. Therefore, several Japanese people don’t want someone that has a hobby of gambling to be their partner.

Train lover

In Japan, the growth of a boy is accompanied by several technologies such as trains and automotive toys. And it is common in other countries for the boy to love automotive and as they grow up, they would have different interests such as football and having a girlfriend. 

However, in Japan, several men still have strong interests in liking trains or other automotive. Usually, men in Japan with a hobby will learn deeply about the new automotive. And will only go out to take pictures of automotive. This hobby makes them forget their romantic world which makes women choose not to date men with this hobby. 

Those are 5 hobbies that can prevent you from getting a partner in Japan. So, for readers that haven’t got a partner, you may need to pay attention to these 5 hobbies. 

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